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Submission Instructions

Who can Submit?

PEARC Interact! is committed to highlighting the work of undergraduate and graduate students along with that of researchers, technologists, and other practitioners


PEARC22 Interact! submissions are due May 13, 2022. Submissions should be made through the PEARC22 EasyChair site. PEARC Interact! submissions are not included in proceedings.

Content Format

Submissions formats for PEARC22 Interact! may include, but are not limited to:

  • real-time dashboards
  • computation notebooks with visualizations
  • Web- or phone-based VR or AR experiences
  • 360 degree, stereoscopic, or branching videos (e.g., YouTube, Vimeo)
  • ultra-resolution (tiled, gigapixel) imagery
  • multi-view imagery (QuicktimeVR-style) imagery
  • annotated Web-based 3D models (e.g., Sketchfab)
  • annotated, Web-based 3D environments (e.g., Matterport)
  • interactive, Web-based scientific or information visualizations

If you have questions regarding these or other potential formats, please contact the Interact! chairs.

Example Content

A growing set of examples from a variety of academic and commercial developers will be provided on this website. See something you'd like to have posted as an exemplar? Please contact the Interact! chairs.

Content Requirements

The general requirements for all submissions is that they be:

  1. Interactive – Submissions should allow and encourage the viewer to actively interact with the data and visualizations, rather than passively viewing them after pushing “play”.
  2. Web-accessible – At a minimum, submissions should be accessible and usable via a computer-based, HTML5- and WebGL-compliant browser. Ideally, submissions are suitable for viewing on a modern smartphone or tablet. 
  3. Informative – The visual content, narration, or annotations of the submissions should tell the story of how the data, computation, and/or visualization enhance research, decision-making, and/or public understanding.

Submission and Conference Presentation Details

The format for the exhibition at the conference in Boston (July 10-14, 2022) will also differ from past years:

  • Chosen projects will be featured on a dedicated Web site available to attendees before, during, and after the conference.
  • Each project will have a poster to advertise the work while also displaying a QR code for visitors to directly access the work.
  • At least one member of the project team is required to be present during the Interact!/Posters session to encourage deeper interaction between viewers and content creators.
  • Unlike past years, there will be no dedicated monitors for the showcase; visitors will be encouraged to bring their mobile phones or tablets in order to view and interact with each project. (Presenters are also encouraged to bring a laptop or tablet (rather than personal phone) to further promote the work.)
  • Consistent with past years, submissions should be accompanied by a 1-2 page abstract with details of the work.  . In lieu of a written abstract, submitters are asked to provide a poster describing the purpose of the work and the development process, along with a QR code to access the work online. This poster will be displayed in a special section of the poster gallery during the conference. 

Submissions to PEARC Interact! should be made through the PEARC22 EasyChair site.