Elephant Photogrammetry and Scan Comparison



"A comparison of resulting 3D digitization data using two methodologies for capture.

Wooden elephant digitization comparison with human minutes work counted below.

Left: Photogrammetry with Agisoft Photoscan

205 Pictures (~20 min)
Desktop image processing (~15 min)
High Performance Computing
Photoscan Prep
Import, manual masking: (~20 min) <- Not always necessary but made tail look better.
Sparse cloud creation and alignment: (~5 min)
Postwork: (~10 min)
Decimated from 2.6M to 750K polys to match GoScan 0.35mm resolution poly count
Texture: 8192 x 8192
Total human time: ~70 Minutes

Right: Goscan 20

Top and Bottom Scan and Merge: ~30 min
Processed Settings
Resolution: 0.35mm
Fill Targets On
Optimize Mesh: 0
Decimate Mesh: 0
Auto Fill Holes: 100
Remove Iso Patches: 10
Texture: 8192 x 8192
Total human time: ~30 Minutes"

End Date

Dec 2019