Indianapolis Toxic Sites and Community Treasures Virtual Tour

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"Raw sewage flows through our waterways. Polluted groundwater streams beneath our soil. Industrial waste taints our city. The toxic sites outlined in this tour show the environmental issues that residents of Indianapolis face every day. These sites disproportionately affect communities of color. Yet there is a treasure trove of Indianapolis organizations inspiring environmental justice. We define environmental justice as equal access to natural resources without placing the burden of environmental issues upon disenfranchised and oppressed groups. The Kheprw Institute, The Felege Hiywot Center, Groundwork Indy, and Cleo's Grocery Bodega & Cafe are creating a healthier Indianapolis. These community treasures bring residents together to learn about our environment and build a better future. We want to thank the Kheprw Institute for all of the hard work they do within the community. Thank you for entrusting the students of the Interpreting Environmental Justice class to tell one part of your story. This tour is an extension of the Humanities Action Lab exhibit, "Climates of Inequality." Find out more about the project here:


Elizabeth Kryder-Reid
Alisha Baginski
Hannah Lundell
Megan Perry
Chauncey Frend
Tassie Gniady (IU3D Affiliate)

End Date

Dec 2019