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About PEARC Interact!

The PEARC Visualization Showcase is now "PEARC Interact!"

PEARC22 marks 16 years since the first TeraGrid/XSEDE/PEARC conference in Indianapolis in 2006. In that time, a variety of new visual and Web technologies have transformed the ways in which researchers, decision-makers, and the general public experience scientific data. From real-time dashboards to online 3D experiences, from interactive online simulations to immersive mixed-reality apps, expectations about where, when, and how audiences can visualize, interact with, and understand data have evolved tremendously. In recognition of this evolution, and to meet the expectations of today's audiences, the PEARC Visualization Showcase has been reimagined as PEARC Interact! 

In lieu of the traditional videos of prior Visualization Showcases, PEARC Interact! seeks submissions of interactive, online data presentations in a wide variety of formats. Submissions may include, but are not limited to:

  • real-time dashboards or computation notebooks with visualizations
  • Web- or mobile phone-based xR experiences
  • 360 degree, stereoscopic, and branching videos
  • ultra-resolution and multi-view imagery
  • annotated Web-based 3D models or environments
  • interactive, Web-based scientific and information visualizations

PEARC Interact! is committed to highlighting the work of undergraduate and graduate students along with that of researchers, technologists, and other practitioners.

Additional information and examples will be provided on this website. PEARC Interact! submissions are due May 13, 2022.